Basic Science

Engineering Physics and Chemistry are multidisciplinary subjects that emphasize enhanced understanding and integrated application of engineering, scientific, and mathematical principles. The subjects provides a broad foundation in the sciences and associated mathematics that underlie engineering and provides students the opportunity to obtain a depth of knowledge and to integrate the scientific principles of research, design and analysis.Faculties of the department are highly dedicated, hard working and have positive approach to students. Labs are provided with day today modern facilities that facilitate students' requirement and learning experience. Our students develop skills in deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and precision of thought, while building a familiarity with the scientific method and a useful understanding of technology.

Ist and 2nd Semester Science LABS

Basic science lab is common for all branches of first year with all basic facilities to accommodate 30 students at a time to carry out experiments independently. The lab is well-equipped and enables students to understand the fundamentals of Engineering .


Below are pictures of the new Undergraduate Engineering Physics Laboratory. The lab is aptly prepared to impart education in Engineering Physics in a neatly designed, spacious and well-ventilated laboratory with a capacity to accommodate 30 students. The lab is built with modern sophisticated instruments and other essential basic facilities to provide students with a practical approach towards the various techniques used in engineering application.. Students use these instruments to explore the physics of materials and learn to build basic circuits and operations of various instruments.

Major Equipment in Engineering Physics Lab are :- Newton's Ring Apparatus, Diffraction Grating, Zener Diode, Photo Diode, Light Emitting Diode, Plancks Constant Apparatus, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Spectrometer, Travelling Microscope, Ultrasonic Interferometer, B-H Curve Apparatus etc.


The Engineering Chemistry Lab has a wide range of equipment. The lab is aesthetically designed with polished ceramics tiles and is spacious enough with separate chemical store room.

Practical awareness is induced and students are trained both quantitatively and qualitatively during the lab sessions so that their understanding and problem solving abilities can be enhanced.

Major Equipment in Engineering Chemistry Lab are :-UV-Spectrophotometer, Digital Conductivity Meters, Flame Photometer, Redwood Viscometers, Pensky Marten's Flash & Fire Point Apparatus, Electrical Balance, Distillation Unit, Digital pH Meters etc.