Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering was established at SPCE in 2013-14. Civil Engineering, as a subject includes a wide range of courses on various topics from those that are of general nature to those that are of utility in daily life. Starting from building of homes and other buildings, to construction of all kinds of infrastructure facilities, the scope of civil engineering is truly massive. It offers a wide reach in bright and promising career opportunities and professional advancement.
The Department of Civil Engineering focuses on two broad areas of instruction and research. The first, the classical field of civil engineering, deals with the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of structures and the infrastructure. These include buildings, foundations, bridges, transportation facilities, nuclear and conventional power plants, hydraulic structures, and other facilities essential to society. The second is the science of mechanics and its applications to various engineering disciplines. Frequently referred to as applied mechanics, it includes the study of the mechanical properties of materials, stress analysis of stationary and movable structures, the dynamics and vibrations of complex structures, aero- and hydrodynamics, micro- and nano-mechanics, and the mechanics of biological and energy systems.

Structural Engineering lab

This lab is used to determine the compressive strength, flexural strength, determination of modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture by using loading frames.

Applied Engineering Geology

This lab is used to study the properties of different types of rocks like Granite, Baselt etc. so that we can Identify various types of Rocks and Minerals.


Programming of Elementary Structural Design by using C language, Drawing of Building Plans and Building elements by using Auto CADD.