Mechanical Enigineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering plays a crucial role in identifying and grading an institute. Our vision is to get recognized as innovative and leading Mechanical Department. Our goal is to provide students with the balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to serve a variety of industrial needs. The Department is committed to produce top class Mechanical Engineering professionals through academic excellence and quality education. The Department has well qualified and experienced faculty members and they are committed to excellence in teaching. Interactive relationship is maintained between students and the staff which enables the students to develop sound foundation. Genuine importance is given to develop a 360°approach towards career of every student. Our department is more oriented in setting of the laboratories which leads towards the research and development.

Workshop Lab

From this lab exposure students learn introduction to Fitting and Welding Equipments . In Fitting they learn to prepare specimen and assemble the models of triangular, dovetail, semicircular and rectangular joint, etc. In Welding they learn to weld models like T Joint, L Joint, Lap Joint and Butt Joint in Welding.


Students learn to draw Orthographic Projections - Sections of Solids - Riveted Joints - Screw Fasteners - Couplings - Assembly drawings for Screw Jack, Plumber Block, Machine Vice, Tailstock, IC engine piston, Connecting rods and tool head of a shaper.


100 tonnes universal testing machine with PC interface & real time graph which is useful to carry out the research work on various materials for testing metals & other materials under tension,compression,bending,transverse & shear loads.

Impact testing machine model IT-30 make FIE for conducting charpy & izod test.
Rockwell hardness testing machine.(make FIE)
Brinels hardness testing machine. .(make FIE)
Torsion testing machine..(make FIE)
Wear testing machine.
Single disc polishing machine.
Magnetic crack detector.


We have very good & spacious foundry & forging lab, students can carry out their moulding operation on an octagonal shape ergonomically designed platform & 3 furnaces were forging is carried out.

We have sand testing equipment's supplied by Kelson Testing Equipment's.
The sand testing equipment's for testing sand properties such as tensile,compression,permeability etc.
Permeability testing machine
Universal sand testing equipment digital
Sieve analysis.
Rapid moisture tester.
Mould hardness tester.
Core hardness tester.